Monday, March 24, 2008

Obama first, now Mokia N82 is black

I was thinking that question as I read through a two page press release announcing that the Nokia N82, which essentially is just a Nokia N95 in a candybar shape, is now available in black. That was it; after two pages of copy they were almost gleeful to reassure you nothing had changed about the phone other than the color of it's skin.

Which got me to thinking about Geraldine Ferraro's comments that Barack Obama was only getting where he is in life because he was lucky enough to be born black.

Maybe the main reason Nokia is now offering the Nokia N82 in jet black instead of white is because of the Obama effect; Black is the new White and Nokia realizes that America is just more comfortable in something that comes in a Black package.

The idea is of course absurd, but you never know... if I say something ridiculous enough much like as with Ferraro's original comments, maybe something that isn't a real story will be treated like one.